For test and measurement automation


You can use LisRT V3 as Framework in many areas, e.g. as test application in production, quality assurance or in the lab. You can adapt this .NET basic software individually to your processes and requirements:

The framework provides a peripheral environment with templates optimized for the requirements of industry. This enables you to map and document all your processes over the long term. To simplify installation we provide the modules as Nuget-Packages.

Optionally, we also offer the complete service of programming and adapting LisRT V3 to your individual requirements.

You decide how deep you want to dig into the program: You can program your own driver based on the LisRT framework for your individual software or you exclusively design your process and we create the required drivers for you.

The sequence program can be implemented in the widely used programming language Python. The application itself is modular and therefore easy to adapt and ex-tend.


Nuget Packages



The LisRT basic package includes the following components:

  • User Interface
  • Language can be switched during runtime
  • Logging with NLOG Framework
  • Messaging
  • User management
  • Operating modes
  • Plugin management (Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF)



This package provides the basis for implementing modules. It contains:

  • Module tree with visualisation
  • Storing and loading the module configuration
  • Initialization routines for modules



This package helps you to program your test process in Python. Using the IronPy-thon interpreter, you can access the .NET objects directly from the Python script.

  • Python interpreter
  • Python editor with integrated debugger



This package provides type and result data classes.

Type data contain parameters, attributes and characteristic lines. They can be load-ed from an XML- or JSON file or any other source.

The integrated editor helps editing the type data.



This is a database module for storing type and result data supporting SQLite data-bases for local use as well as MS-SQL servers.



This package helps you to create pdf reports.

Packages including hardware drivers

This is a small selection of the hardware drivers already existing:

  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Communication
    Communication interfaces (serial interface, TCP-IP-Client)
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Communication.Can.Vector
    Vector CAN Interfaces
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Communication.Visa
    Virtual instrument software architecture
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Drive.Festo
    Modbus-TCP Driver for Festo Axes
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Hbm
    For measuring amplifiers of HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH)
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Plc.Beckhoff
    Communication with Beckhoff PLCs
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Plc.Siemens
    Communication with Siemens PLCs
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Plc.Pilz
    Communication with PILZ Pnoz-Multi PLCs
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.RohdeSchwarz.Qar
    Rohde&Schwarz Quality Automotive Radome
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.PowerSupply
    Driver for power supplies
  • Loehnert.Lisrt.Scope.Pico
    Driver for PICO Oscilloscopes

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