LisRT V3

Test and measurement automation


Test scripts are created in Python

LisRT Framework can be used in all areas of test and measurement automation - no matter if we design the complete program for your equipment or you use only the framework and adapt it to your requirements.


Developed for all sections – already used in many different applications

LisRT can be used in production, quality control, laboratories or in R&D – please see our references

Automotive components

  • Electronic control units
  • Power electronics
  • high-pressure pumps
  • Pressure regulator
  • Radomes
  • HF measurement technology
  • Electromobility

Domestic appliance

  • Damper
  • Oven components

Air conditioning technology

Power semiconductors

End of line testers
Temperature tests
Isolation tests
Function tests

Durability tests
PLC Visualisation
Development tester
Laboratory tester
Audit tester

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